Join the Nordic OpenStack community in Stockholm

OpenStack Days Nordic – Stockholm 2018 is a two-day event with a mission to increase Awareness, Utilization and Competence surrounding OpenStack. The event consists of presentations and educational opportunities over two days and the topics span everything from cloud strategy and business case development to operational best practices and technical deep dives.

The event is a platform for collaboration and discussion between existing and potential community members. Here you will find the majority of OpenStack experts, potential partners, customers and vendors in the nordic region. Apart from getting to know one of the largest open source communities in the world, you get insights from the core of the OpenStack project, success stories, technical briefs, training sessions and future development plans by users of the platform.

9 October
OSDN Academy

OpenStack Days Nordic Academy is a collection of hands-on training sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced technical staff working with OpenStack.

The different classes and workshops will be offered in a range of topics tailored for the Nordic OpenStack community ranging from getting started to upstream development for OpenStack.


10 October
OSDN Main Event

The main event provides a broad mix of content for decision makers, operators and administrators looking to learn more about the future and use of the OpenStack platform.

The marketplace is the perfect spot to meet with some of the leading vendors, solution providers, users, partners and developers involved in the OpenStack project.

Limited to 400 seats


Keynote speakers

Oliver Naegele
Founder & CEO at Blockchain HELIX


Oliver is one of the world's authorities in the aspects of Digital Identity, Blockchain and KYC. He has acquired a deep understanding for digital authority management during his 15-year-long career in IT security. He is the initiator of the Blockchain Frankfurt MeetUp and of the German wide network FinTech Headquarter. He is also one of the founding members of the Germany Blockchain Federal Association. Currently Oliver is running an initial coin offering for his latest project HELIX Orange, a blockchain driven platform for ICOs and investors. 

Klas Ljungkvist


Klas was actually an engineer in physics – believe it or not – but spent more or less his whole professional career within fintech. He started off as a software developer – leaving a trail of a few ugly hacks still running in production at several sites – from there onwards continuing in various management roles.

Jonathan Bryce
Executive Director at OpenStack Foundation


Jonathan Bryce is executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, where he serves the community of people who build and operate open infrastructure. He spent his early career building cloud services and established the Foundation in 2012 after helping Rackspace open source its cloud operating system along with NASA in 2010.

Previously, Jonathan was a founder of the Rackspace Cloud. Since his early days at Rackspace, Jonathan has always been passionate about open source and its ubiquity in the datacenter. He believes the future of computing must be open, and is driven by the incredible stories of organizations — enterprises, research institutes and governments — who are changing the world with open source technologies.

Johan Christenson
Member of the OpenStack Board of Directors


Johan Christenson is a serial entrepreneur whom has successfully exited multiple companies he founded. After receiving a graduate degree in Engineering, from Florida Institute of Technology, his focus turned to the digital media space. He has raised money both in the US and Europe from venture capical firms such as Benchmark Capital and Balderton Capital.

Johan is the founder and CEO of City Network, which offers a global public cloud as well as private clouds for enterprises - all based on OpenStack. City Networks mission is to enable innovation and focuses on enterprises with regulatory challenges such as banks and insurance companies.

Johan sees OpenStack as critical for all enterprises in order to provide options and create competition in an ever more centralized infrastructure world. He, and the team at City, empower new types of industries and markets to use the power of OpenStack, to enable and increase innovation in their organisations.

Christopher Price
Member of the OpenStack Board of Directors


I am focused on, and passionate about, open source technologies for next generation networks.  Primarily a developer my career has been focused on building and deploying networking technologies for global and carrier networks, more recently my attention has turned to open source community and technology advancement. 

A strong believer in collaborative development and open technology ecosystem enablement I am fully invested in exposing technology through open source for global adoption and advancement.

Thierry Carrez
VP of Engineering at OpenStack Foundation


Thierry Carrez is the Vice-President of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation, in charge of the long-term health of the open source projects under the Foundation. A long-time elected member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, he has been a Release Manager for the OpenStack project since its inception, coordinating the effort and facilitating collaboration between contributors.

Thierry spoke about OpenStack, open innovation and open source project management at various conferences around the world, including OSCON, LinuxCon, and FOSDEM. A Python Software Foundation fellow, he was previously the Technical lead for Ubuntu Server at Canonical, an operational manager for the Gentoo Linux Security Team, and an IT manager in various companies.

The Venue

The Brewery, totalling 9000 square meters, is divided into 24 unique rooms and halls of different size and character. Most of the rooms and halls have direct access to large terraces and balconies, and nearly all offer a fantastic view of the city center of Stockholm including the City hall, the Old city and the glistening waters of the surrounding archipelago.

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